Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Twisted Gum Moscato 2017

This could be the best Moscato I have ever had. Mind you, I generally steer clear of the style so have little to compare it to. Perceptions have taken a turn after looking at this release from Twisted Gum.

Suitable as an aperitif or post meal cleanser (I tried it as the latter), it's a drier style without gobfuls of sweetness making you screw up your face.

Pretty aromas of musk, raspberries, dried red flowers, rose water and potpourri. There's plenty of aromatic appeal. Dryish in the mouth, residual sugar is balanced nicely without that sickly feeling. Clean and cleansing, a neat way to finish.

I never thought I spend so much time analysing a Moscato - I blame Andy Williams (winemaker).

Drink now.


Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $25
Source: Sample
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