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Sunday 18 August 2013

Ballandean Estate Late Harvest Sylvaner 2012

Sylvaner is more common in Europe than in Australia. According to VinoDiversity there are only ten wineries in Australia using it.

Ballandean Estate are famous for their Sylvaner which they use to make a Late Harvest style. I have had it a few times now and I continue to be impressed.

Fresh apricot, tinned peach nectar, palm sugar and slight apricot jam are the highlights. It is not thick and syrupy. Quite sweet, clean flavours linger beautifully.

Presented in a 375mL bottle under screw cap it has proven to cellar well in the past and I can't see why this one won't hang around for another ten years.

I had this with a chocolate tart... a perfect match.

Who: Ballandean Estate
What: Sylvaner
Where: Granite Belt
When: 2012
How: $20

Thursday 19 July 2012

Swirl Sniff Spit - Granite Belt night July 2012

Swirl Sniff Spit is a proud group of Queenslanders who get together on the third Tuesday of each month to learn and share in wines from many regions and of various varieties. The time had come to dip into our own backyard and see what is kicking around on the Granite Belt.

The Granite Belt is Queensland's premier wine region and boasts some of the highest (most between 850-950m) and coldest vineyards in Australia. Last week the temperature dropped to -9C! I recently enjoyed an excellent weekend in the region. Check out my adventure here.

Poor granite soils dominate the vineyards and the vines struggle to produce their fruit, yet the fruit which is the result delivers a handy product.

Getting the word out about the Granite Belt is a struggle at times too as the vast majority of wineries rely on Cellar Door sales to move the wine to the consumer. Quantities produced by the wineries are small compared to southern counterparts and therefore it is hard to get into the big players in the retail sector. Recent years have seen more and more Granite Belt wineries creeping into the retail market which is a pleasing sign for them.

Glen Robert
 We were privileged to have the company of two winemakers on the evening - Glen Robert from Bent Road Winery and Warren Smith from Pyramids Road Wines. Both shared their tremendous knowledge and passion on various topics through the night including the use of oak, wild yeast, blending, and more. Much more. Many thanks to you both for your company and sharing your valuable time.

The wines selected for the evening were done to showcase the region and wines with a point of difference.

Warren Smith
Many eyebrows were raised through the night and the quality of the wines shone through. Big thanks to the wineries who sent through samples and for being so keen to participate.

So to the wines....

Bent Road Marsanne 2011
Lean and clean. Made in the aperitif style (10.7% alc). Lemons. Damn this is seriously good!

Cypress Post Viognier Marsanne 2011
Nose of apricot and paw paw. Apricot and peachy flavours on the palate. An oily feel on the palate too which adds some interest. A great food wine (14% alc).

Ridgemill Estate Chardonnay 2011
Funky as!! Wild ferment, taken off lees to remove buttery characteristics. Mustard seeds, oyster shell, toasted almonds, and herby characters all on the nose. The palate was awash with stone fruit flavours. A Chardonnay with a difference and very yummy!

Ravens Croft Chardonnay 2011
Fruit sourced from Bungawarra Wines at Ballandean. A tight and toasty nose with butterscotch. Lees stirred. 25% was wild fermented and 25% Malo. New oak was used (50%) and of this, it was an even split between French and American. Cashews leap out. It was likened to a Pinot Gris by some. Fruit screaming loudly. Lean, pear and even apple. Well made and some serious delish factor!

Ridgemill Estate Tempranillo 2009
A good whiff of oak, dark cherries and herb. Minimal acid, A lovely rounded palate with juicy fruit and good length. Impressive.

Hidden Creek Tempranillo 2009
Plummy and savoury with enjoyable length. A little firmer tannin mouthfeel. Bold style typical of Spain. Winemaker Jim Barnes has spent vintage time in Spain and modelled his Tempranillo on that experience. This won plenty of fans.

Boireann La Cima Barbera 2008
Cherries, plummy, rounded with a touch of spice. Soft and very approachable. Acid noticeable. Have a plate of salami handy and load up!

Summit Estate Queensland Cabernets 2009
A fruit salad of Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Fragrent violets prominent. Intense concentration of blackberry fruit on the palate. A big wine yet classy with a long, lingering finish.

Witches Falls Prophecy Syrah
Soft yet has an acid edge which points to plenty of aging potential. Fruit abundant with oak adding to the profile nicely. Spice, pepper, cherries all kicking on. Tannins complement the wine very well. Many stood up and took notice.

Bent Road Syrah Cabernets 2009
Soft and elegant with complexity. Super long and delicious finish. Fruit punches through very well. A well made wine in a tough vintage. Value deluxe at $19!

Golden Grove Durif 2010
Big black fruit flavours. Sexy earthiness. American oak creeping in. The palate is coated with softness and a savoury finish to wrap it all up. Super drinkability.

Pyramids Road Wines Mourvedre 2011
Has only been in the bottle six weeks. A European style Mourvedre - bright nose, acid driven, bone dry and finishes with chalky tannins. Very impressive and the best of it is yet to come. The crew LOVED it!

Ballandean Estate Sylvaner 2005
Late harvest. Rated the best in the world by some judges. Honey, apricots and citrus peel nose. Canned tropical fruit, marmalade and rockmelon palate. Clean finish. Damn fine!

Witches Falls Botryis Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008
Oh sweet mumma! This is super delish and it is hard to stop sipping. A good whiff of stone fruits and citrus. Palate of apricots and peaches. Well balanced. Palate flush with sticky goodness. It would be rude to not lick the glass.