Saturday, 8 October 2022

Clandestine Vineyards Break Free Bliss Bomb Pet Nat 2022


I'm happy to admit I'm yet to board the Pet Nat train although I'm open-minded enough to keep trying to find 'the one' to completely convert me. Clandestine Vineyards vintner Nick Stacy says this cheeky number will do just that. 

Made with Chenin Blanc and sourced from WA's Swan Valley, the first victory is that it's not a gusher. Too many have come across the tasting bench and lost their load. Thank goodness I had all the contents intact after opening. 

"Enjoy chilled with chilled people," says the label. This could rightly be named the Lemon Bomb. Think lots of lemons, lemon myrtle, lemon grass and lemon zest. Plenty of bready things are going on building texture and interest with a powdery and drying finish. I could have a glass and that's more than most Pet Nats - so that's saying something. There is undoubtedly some crowd-pleasing appeal here. Nicely done. 

Drink now. 


Region: Swan Valley
RRP: $30
Source: Sample

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