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Indigo Vineyard Secret Village Chardonnay 2023


This Indigo Vineyard Secret Village Chardonnay has more fruit purity than its Beechworth Chardonnay sibling. And much like that wine, I recommend giving this a decant to let it open up and show its true self. Do that and you'll be rewarded deluxe. Above all, I could drain the bottle slowly through the night.

Although leaner, it still carries a fabulous complexity. White fleshed stonefruit, lemons and yellow grapefruit put the shoulder to the wheel and fold into one another with absolute ease. The oak is handled fabulously imparting some whipped cream and vanilla. A fine sheet of texture is draped over the top leaving a nutty complexity and a dash of caramel to tease with a sherbety tang having the last word. Impressive stuff from a wine that will age comfortably.

Drink to eight years+


Region: Beechworth
RRP: $75
Source: Sample

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