Sunday, 29 March 2020

Dodgy Brothers Juxtaposed Fiano 2019

Wes Pearson is a considered winemaker. Spend some time with him and his precise palate and analytical approach to wines is captivating. He produces a small range of wines with this polarising Fiano part of the line up.

I rang Wes and told him I'm not on board with this wine. He response was nothing but a that of someone who possesses a growth mindset. In short, he said Fiano is a variety he is still working out how far he can push particularly with texture and phenolics. A risk and reward scenario he says. If reward is all you seek, charge at his Juxtasposed Old Vine Grenache 2018.

This Fiano is certainly a wine that needs food. Wes reckons a Thai curry is the go. A heat spike two days in a row just prior to picking contributed to a challenging crop. The wine was handled normally and then barrel fermented without sulphur.

Poached white peaches and cut pears tuck themselves away very much in the background. I just can't escape the oxidised apple scents and flavours through the mouth. A touch of nuttiness plus ginger spice whip in just on exit as the mouth starts to salivate from a red apple like acidity. Not one for me but find that curry.

Drink now.


Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $26
Source: Sample

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