Friday, 11 November 2022

Oxford Landing Sunlight Chardonnay 2021


With low and no alcohol wines gaining popularity, a new range of wines from Oxford Landing has hit the shelves. These Sunlight wines will be served at the Sunset Cinemas this summer I'm reliably informed.

Lean would describe this wine though. If you are expecting a Chardonnay with some body, this is not it. 40% lighter in alcohol and calories (7% alc in total), the reductions seem to have taken some of the flavour with it too. Although the concept is admirable, it's a tough balance to ensure you get enough taste factor. Green melon and watered down white stone fruit, some honeyed tones feature too making me think of honey puffs. There is a market for this wine but it's not for me. 

Drink now.


Region: Riverland
RRP: $15
Source: Sample

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