Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Brash Higgins Smart Vineyard Grenache 2021


Brad Hickey has moved into the Grenache game. Usually producing a Grenache Mataro blend, he's stepped things up and sourced some fruit from the 70 year old vines in the Smart Vineyard. What an excellent and delicately handled debut this is!

Only 100 cases were produced and the precise handling Brad is known for is evident here.

The fruit is vibrant and pretty as it skips about with joyous abandon. Brad's mantra of "Keep cool but care" seeps from every pore of this wine. It's measured and considered every step of the way. Juicy red berries parade alongside blue fruits that create a buzz - the energy and enthusiastic vibe cannot be denied. Soft scents of lavender and purple flowers evoke a gravitational pull before the fruit hits. It lands and just teases. The prettiness, that bit of earthiness, it's just a damn good drink. Coupled with an eye-catching label that screams uber-cool shelf appeal, this is stand and applaud material.

Drink to five years+


Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $85
Source: Sample

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