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Twin Valleys Rosé 2023


It seems getting the colour right with Rosé is now priority number one and all else should fall into place. This Twin Valleys has ticked the appearance box but the bottle shade isn't helping and the bottle pic above doesn't give a full account.

Copper and onion skin in appearance, it's in the sweet spot. But the blue/green tinge of the bottle doesn't give that impression. With shelf presence a critical factor in this market, this choice is puzzling. Why not just have a clear bottle? The win is that I'm here to judge the wine not the bottle itself, so back to work...

Dried currants, strawberries and watermelon husk beg for your attention. A super dry Rosé made from Pinot Noir, there is a delightful creamy textural presence. Red apple skin works its way into the fold with a sour white cherry drive on close. It's a good drink ready to please.

Drink now.


Region: King Valley 
RRP: $25
Source: Sample

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