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The Best of 2022!

2022 has been big for Qwine Reviews and this is a more than appropriate final post for the year. 

Just over 700 reviews were posted in 2022 along with various articles, and the odd radio appearance, it was great to be back hosting some lunches and dinners too. 

The breadth and diversity of the wines that come across the bench never cease to amaze and it's the little one-percenters that draw the eye to what can be seen, at times, as a cramped marketplace.

Winemakers have had their challenges be it in the vineyards and in the export market among others, but these stoic folk press on - respect! 

From an operational perspective, on 1 August some changes were implemented to how I operate and I was overwhelmed by the incredible support from winemakers, marketers and the general wine industry as a result. I'm grateful that my contribution and efforts are valued by so many - thank you.

Big thanks to you too, my readership! Be it the ever-increasing subscription, the comments, emails and chats via the social networks, I feel humbled that my words help people make better choices and stretch their decision-making that little bit more, whether it be a variety foreign to them or to a producer they have never heard of. Here's to many more!

Thank you also to the wineries, winemakers and PR staff for your samples, willingness to share your knowledge and for your time be it in person or over the phone. I really value and cherish these relationships.

For over ten years this site has been free to access for all readers. If you can spare a dollar or two to keep this site going with minimal ads and to keep access free for all, a donation would be gratefully appreciated. I receive a small commission on sales from Langtons, Wine Selectors, The Wine Collective, Vinomofo and Catch, so if you consider buying from any of these, please access via these links and a little pocket money gets thrown my way from any sale made as a result. Graci. 

Given the volume of wines tasted each year, I always get asked for what are considered "my best". I've tried to narrow down 700+ wines from 2022 to look something like this... 

Something I value highly is my independence and the sheer number of wines I get to review. These are the best because I feel they are deserving of that status. You won't see me pose in a revealing pic with a bottle to get more likes and followers, I don't buy followers nor will I add a cringey dance to seek your favour let alone make up my own scoring system. At Qwine we keep things classy. 

Throw your arms around one or two of these if you have yet to taste them. Support these businesses direct or via independent retailers rather than go through chain stores.

Thanks for your support and I wish you all the best for 2023 when we do it all again!



Best White Under $20 - The Hydropath Society Gruner Veltliner 2021

Best Red Under $20 - Yalumba Y Series Pinot Noir 2022 

Soaking up the sun at Rancho Relaxo - Raidis Estate The Kid Riesling 2022

Get In My Belly - Tim Smith Rosé 2022 

Can't Get Enough Award presented by Barry White - Schwarz Wine Co Grower Grenache 2021

Interest for days - Nuova Scuola La Maria 2021

Impress with something a little left of centre - Comyns & Co Reserve Shiraz Pinot Noir 2019

Shelf Appeal Award - Nightfall Wines (images don't do the hologram labels justice)

Something awesome from a winery you may not have heard of - Patina Sticky Tea Riesling 2018

Best Grenache (just coz I love the variety) - Yangarra Estate Ovitelli Grenache 2020

Best Emerging Variety White - Golden Grove Estate Vermentino 2022

Best Emerging Variety Red - Oliver's Taranga Mencia 2022

Most Consistent Producer - Oakridge Wines

Producer to Watch - Dappled Wines

Deep Pockets White - Levantine Hill Katherine's Paddock Chardonnay 2018

Deep Pockets Red - Zema Estate Saluti Cabernet Shiraz 2016

Best Rosé - Turkey Flat Rosé 2022  

Best Red - Jim Brand Domain Cabernets 2019

Proxime Accessit - Montalto The Eleven Chardonnay 2021

Best Wine of 2022 - Oakridge 864 Funder and Drive Block Chardonnay 2020

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